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TOPIC atoz
Browse (Animal food) 6
animal food 2
Abscesses with most severe type to inflammation and pain 1
Adivasi Medicines 1
After typhoid fever when patient is very slow in convalescing which may be due to syphilis 1
All symptoms are worse by motion (Small pox) 1
All the symptoms are better by lying down 1
Allergy for celery sniffle by eating of which itching is produced 1
Allergy for cod-liver oil fats and orange juice 1
Allergy for wheat which causes eczema 1
Allergy to cooked animal food 1
Allergy to eggs 1
Allergy to eggs starches milk honey ragweed pollens onions wheat and animal food 1
Allergy to feathers and chocolates 1
Allergy to milk which causes Urticaria 1
Allergy to onions which are just like poison to him 1
Allergy to oysters 1
Allergy to strawberries which produce Urticaria 1
Allergy to sugar or cane sugar 1
Always falls asleep every evening during the paroxysm and wakes up after it is over 1
Animal 1
Animal Food Global Markets Package 1
Animal food 1
Animals Food Study and teaching 1
Animaux (Aliment) 1
Big game animals 1
Biodiversity 1
Bleeding from small pints or individual pocks (Small pox) 1
Bleeding from the gums nose rectum and genital organs (Small pox) 1
Blood dis-organization 1
Blood-shot eyes (Fever) 1
Boils and abscesses 1
Botany 1
Breathing difficult or obstructed (Fever) 1
Bright red blood from lungs which is so severe as would induce fainting and exhaustion (Small pox) 1
Browse (Animal food) Clearcutting 1
Browse (Animal food) Idaho 1
Browse (Animal food) Oregon, Eastern 1
Browse (Animal food) Study and teaching 1
Brush 1
Cerebral paralysis 1
Chhattisgarh Biodiversity 1
Child wants the head to be held and tied very tightly by cloth (Small pox) 1
Chilliness (Fever) 1
Collar 1
Congestion of base of the brain (Fever) 1
Contraction as if tendons are too short 1
Cough after measles 1
Cramping spasms in the chest (Small pox) 1
Dark red face and stertorous breathing (Fever) 1
Dark-green diarrhea with midnight aggravation 1
Deer 1
Deer Food Idaho 1
Delirium (Fever) 1
Diarrhea with colic (Fever) 1
Difficult breathing (Small pox) 1
Dog and cat food 1
Douglas fir 1
Dread of motion and prostration (Fever) 1
Drinking of water aggravates or excites cough or headache or both 1
Drooping eyelids (Fever) 1
Dropping of lower jaw and involuntary stools (Fever) 1
Drowsiness (Fever) 1
Dry brown tongue (Fever) 1
Dry crusts on teeth (Fever) 1
Early stages of typhoid 1
Elk 1
Emergency herbs 1
Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM) 1
Entomophagy 1
Entomotherapy 1
Essences and essential oils 1
Ethnobotany 1
Extreme prostration (Fever) 1
Extreme prostration with diarrhea 1
Eyes yellow 1
Face bloated (Fever) 1
Face flushed (Fever) 1
Face puffed and flushed 1
Face red and swollen (Small pox) 1
Famine Food plants 1
Fetid breath (Fever) 1
Fever Worse after eating 1
Fever Worse after sweat 1
Fever Worse by bitter vegetable pills 1
Fever Worse by consolation 1
Fever Worse from Turning in bed 1
Fever Worse from dry weather 1
Fever Worse from mental excitement 1
Fever Worse from mental exertion 1
Fever Worse from narcotics 1
Fever Worse from noise 1
Fever Worse from sedentary habits 1
Fever Worse from smoking 1
Fever Worse from spices 1
Fever Worse from stimulants 1
Fever Worse from touch 1
Fever Worse in cold 1
Fever Worse in cold air and before thunder storm 1
Fever Worse in dampness 1
Fever Worse in evening from acids 1
Fever Worse in evening from heat 1
Fever Worse in evening from washing and bathing 1
Fever Worse in evening from water 1
Fever Worse in evening from wine 1
Fever Worse in forenoon and evening 1
Fever Worse in morning 1
Fever Worse in open air 1
Fever Worse in sitting on cold steps 1
Fever Worse in washing 1
Fever Worse on closing eyes 1
Fever appearing in the morning with severe chill and heavy sweat which leave the patient weak and prostrated 1
Fever is associated with restless loquacity and delirium 1
Fever with perspiration with head hot and extremities cold (Small pox) 1
First stage remedy with high fever and great thirst (Small pox) 1
Flora of Ambikapur 1
Flora of Bastar 1
Flora of Bilaspur 1
Flora of Chhattisgarh 1
Flora of Dantewada 1
Flora of Dhamtari 1
Flora of Gandhamardan Hills 1
Flora of Jashpur 1
Flora of Kanker 1
Flora of Keshkal 1
Flora of Korba 1
Flora of Narsinghnath 1
Flora of Niyamgiri 1
Flora of Odisha 1
Flora of Orissa 1
Flora of Raigarh 1
Flora of Raipur and Durg 1
Flora of Rajnandgaon 1
Flora of Sukma 1
Flora of Surguja 1
Foliar diagnosis 1
Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh 1
Folk Healers of Odisha 1
Folk Remedies 1
Food 1
For All allergic diseases having elective affinities for the skin mucus membranes and other parts and organs particularly for lungs 1
Forage plants 1
Forecasts and future outlook 1
Forest People 1
Forest regeneration Pennsylvania 1
Foul and offensive discharges (Fever) 1
Full bounding pulse (Small pox) 1
Gets bilious from oils or fats 1
Global animal food market 1
Great pain and violent burning in affected parts 1
Great prostration and nervous excitability (Fever) 1
Great restlessness and prostration 1
HCF diet 1
Habitat selection 1
Hay fever in a patient using pillow of feathers 1
Headache worse on the back of head (Small pox) 1
Healing Flora 1
Healthcare system practiced by traditional Vaidyas 1
Hemorrhage from bowels and violent bleeding from nose (Small pox) 1
Hemorrhage from the intestines (Fever) 1
Hemorrhagic variety of small pox with dark oozing 1
High fever 1
His pains fears anxiety and restlessness disappear by lying 1
Horribly offensive discharges whether diarrhea vomiting sweat or breath 1
Housing 1
In eruptive stage with milky flat painful 1
Indifference and apathy (Fever) 1
Inflammation of the mucus membrane of eyes and nose 1
Irritability with weakness and exhausting sweat after typhoid especially in women 1
James W. Anderson 1
Kirk Hamilton 1
Last stage of the disease where the perspiration is excessive and the patient is in a sunken exhausted and collapsed condition (Small pox) 1
Limbs becoming deadly cold 1
Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants 1
Loss of memory (Fever) 1
Low delirium 1
Lucerne meal and pellets 1
Malaria fever with bilious vomiting constipation burning in stomach nausea 1
Market for animal food 1
Medicinal Insects and Mites 1
Medicinal Millets 1
Medicinal Orchids 1
Medicinal Plant Database 1
Medicinal Plants of India 1
Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India 1
Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas 1
Medicinal weeds 1
Meningitis due to suppression of measles 1
Mental depression (Fever) 1
Mule deer 1
Mule deer Food 1
Muscular twitching 1
No thirst 1
Odisha Biodiversity 1
Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
Other animal food 1
Overall market for animal food 1
Pain in joints during chill 1
Paralytic condition (Fever) 1
Paramparik Gyan 1
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